casis coke collection

for identifying what country a bottle comes from the last possibility is the mold mark which is mostly embossed on the bottle (sometimes at the waist, sometimes at the bottom)

the mold mark identifies the glass company where the bottle was produced! sometimes the same mold marks are embossed on bottles from different countries because the bottle is produced in a different country as it is bottled and capped. also different glass companies sometimes use the same mold mark.

of course there exist mold marks which are not listed!

so there is no guarantee, that the country is the right one, if you will find a matching mold mark!

in addition it could be helpful clicking on the country`s link to compare your bottle with those of my collection


mold mark 1. language 2. language country
SG arabic english afghanistan
albanian   albania
arabic french algeria
portuguese   angola
UGB dutch english antigua & barbuda
C.H.CHRCR spanish   argentina
AR armenian   armenia
spanish english aruba
  azerbaijani english azerbaijan


english   australia
german   austria
english   bahamas
arabic english bahrain
spanish   balearic islands
SG bangla english  bangladesh
A UGB english   barbados
russian   belarus
french dutch belgium
english   belize
english french  benin
english   bermuda
FNV spanish   bolivia
serbo-croatian   bosnia & herzegovina
africaans   botswana
C I R M M portuguese   brazil
M chinese   brunei darussalam
C cyrillic   bulgaria
french   burkina faso
MG khmer   cambodia
french english cameroon

english french canada
portuguese   cape verde
VPN french   central african republic
french   chad
T spanish   chile
BCS-H chinese english china
spanish   colombia
french   comoros
A DVPN french   democratic republic of congo
french   corsica
spanish   costa rica
french   cote d`ivoire
croatian   croatia
spanish   cuba
cyrillic english cyprus
czech   czech republic
czech slovak czechoslovakia
PLMKH danish   denmark
BKG arabic french djibouti
english   dominica
PDV spanish   dominican republic
VINSA spanish   ecuador
MEG arabic english egypt
spanish   el salvador
amharic english eritrea
estonic   estonia
AG amharic english ethiopia
SG english   fiji
KRPLM finish   finland
SGPGGV french   france
S english french french polynesia (tahiti)
french   gabon
english   gambia
georgian english georgia
W.&C.DdRUHRGLASD 1 Dc. MG german   germany
SG english   ghana
greek   greece
english   grenada
SG french   guadeloupe
spanish   guatemala
french   guinea
english   guyana
french   haiti
spanish   honduras
D3 english   hong kong
OU hungarian   hungary
icelandic   iceland
OBL R H RR english   india
KCL javanese   indonesia
F arabic english iran
arabic english iraq
IGB english   ireland
hebrew   israel
SV italian   italy
english   jamaica
YD3T2YT japanese english japan
arabic   jordan
kazakh   kazakhstan
KBM english   kenya
D1D2D3 korean english korea (south)
MADE IN KUWAIT arabic english kuwait
kyrgyzian   kyrgyzstan
latvian   latvia
arabic english lebanon
english   liberia
arabic english libya
lithuanian   lithuania
french dutch luxembourg
-YT-D3H  english chinese macau
macedonian   macedonia
french   madagascar
english   malawi
KLMG chinese english malaysia
english   maldives
B english french mali
CUGBF english   malta
SG french   martinique
arabic french mauritania
O-TG english french mauritius
spanish   mexico
moldavian   moldova
BC mongolian   mongolia
arabic french morocco
portuguese   mozambique
english   namibia
R BHR nepali english nepal
dutch   netherlands
PDV spanish dutch netherlands antilles
english   new zealand
spanish   nicaragua
french   niger
MT english   nigeria
norwegian   norway
PE arabic english pakistan
arabic english palestine
spanish   panama
english   papua new guinea
CHTO FPVF.P.V. spanish   paraguay
VINSA spanish   peru
english   philippines
polish   poland
portuguese   portugal
PRG english   puerto rico
french   reunion
romanian   romania
BC russian   russia
french   rwanda
KCI english   samoa
arabic   saudi arabia
french   senegal
serbian   serbia
english   seychelles
english   sierra leone
SG MG chinese english singapore
slovak czech slovakia
slovenian   slovenia
arabic french somalia
PRR B afrikaans english south africa
spanish   spain
sinhalese english sri lanka
english   st. kitts & nevis
english   st. lucia
english   st. vincent and the grenadines
arabic english sudan
dutch   suriname
PLM swedish   sweden
french german switzerland
SG arabic english syria
D3 chinese english taiwan
YB english   tanzania
ALASKA english   territory of alaska
T.H. english   territory of hawaii
E39B8ISTTGBG thai english thailand
french   togo
english   trinidad and tobago
arabic french tunisia
turkish   turkey
SGG english   uganda
ukrainian   ukraine
arabic   united arab emirates
FGB english   united kingdom (great britain)
L english   united states of america (usa)
spanish   uruguay
russian   u.s.s.r. (soviet union)
PDV spanish   venezuela
MGMVG vietnamese   vietnam
arabic english yemen
serbo-croatian   yugoslavia (former)
serbian   federal republic of yugoslavia
ZAM english   zambia
english   zimbabwe

very special thanks to michel houche who kindly let me use mold marks out of his

collector`s guide to international coca-cola bottles

it was hard work for him (and also for me) to figure out those mold marks!

unfortunately this book is sold out !