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this is not a commercial coca-cola homepage. it is just a site of a collector

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created: 22. june 1997

last main update: 25. march 2008

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"coca-cola", "coke", "diet coke", "diet coca-cola", "coca-cola light", "coke light", "cherry coke", "cherry coca-cola", "diet cherry coca-cola", the contour bottle design for "coca-cola", the dynamic ribbon, and all in this homepage used logos are trademarks of the coca-cola company. i do not work for or represent the coca-cola company. i'm am just a fan and collector of coca-cola memorabilia. the aim of this internet site is to provide information about coca-cola collectibles for private collectors and enthusiasts of related collectibles.
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casi`s coca-cola bottle collection

consists of 2832 coca-cola bottles out of 179 countries from all over the world

regular bottles

these bottles are 1151 standard bottles and 1681 commemorative bottles

commemorative bottles

this collection contains only bottles which are not bigger than 422 ml or 16oz (with the exception of some unique beauties) - you also will not find those ugly no return "bombs" which were produced in the 80ties

first i designed this site for my own purposes, to see which bottles i have and to compare with new ones. but as more bottles i collected many friends and guests liked to see what bottles are arround and wanted to know a value of their bottles. i will build up this site more and more from time to time with new bottles and new features.....

so if you have a bottle and don`t now where it comes from or how much it is worth, i hope that this site will help you..... good luck


identify your bottles!!

here you will find a guide to coke bottles and geography:

coke bottle guide

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the 17th german (Essen) coke convention will be on 12th june 2011!

25. march 2008

146 bottles added (mostly standard and german commemorative bottles)

information about countries revised and some more unrecognized countries listed

structure of standard bottle section completely revised,

relationships between countries listed and more maps integrated

history (older news)

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