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Coca-Cola in Germany

On April 8th in 1929 Coca-Cola was bottled the first time in Germany. The Germans developed a taste for the exotic drink only little by little. Even some people suppose an south-american female dancer behind a strange sounding name.

Landlords and grocers do not hide their skepticism against the newcomer. The sale of 12 bottles to an only customer is a very well result. Some sales representatives sigh about various flops. The so called "sigh bag" gets its name. Filled with ice it chills Coca-Cola and warms the hearts of the grocers. Finally the German`s doubts on the american product disappear.

In fall 1929 the first contracts with different grocers were made. Specific principles have been the stabil basis for success: sale only for cash, same prices for everybody, refund without exceptions. Five years later there are 4 more Coca-Cola bottling plants working and the company cooperates with 120 franchise companies.


necessity is the mother of invention

With ability, wealth of ideas and first of all with enthusiasm Max Keith, leader of the Coca-Cola GmbH since 1937, drives on the good trend. 1939 already 50 bottling plants are in operation and the standard truck replaces bicycle and handcart. War breaks out and with it the worry about raw materials for the Coca-Cola production. In the town Essen the company developes a new soft drink which can be produced also under conditions of war.

In 1939 Fanta conquers the market and helps the company to survive time of war and post-war, after 1942 the production of Coca-Cola has been stopped. In Germany and worldwide today Fanta is still the number one orange limonade.

On October 3rd 1949 Coca-Cola is back! The Company is prepared for the new requirements and the comming boom. It has been new arranged and bigger units are created. Soon bottling plants exist with in Germany never seen and unknown dimensions.

here you will find my collection of german bottles!